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The NEW "Dex Davis: Episode 1" Curriculum!

Based on "The Cover Up!", the award-winning 1st episode of the "Dex Davis: Child of God!" Christian animated series, these 6-parts/

6-weeks of bible lessons, will teach kids (Ages 4 - 11) the Word of God at home, at Sunday School, at your church, or wherever you go. It's perfect for Vacation Bible School (VBS) and as extra, supplemental sunday school lessons for children. It is NOT designed to replace your existing children's curriculum...but to fit within it. 


The "Dex Davis Bible Study Curriculum" is great for small groups, large groups, home-schooling, sunday school, vacation bible school (VBS), children's church, and anywhere else you want to teach God's Word.

What kids will learn!

Online Access!

Based on "Episode 1", this children's Bible Study Curriculum will teach the Word of God in a whole new, power-packed way!

What's Included!

  • Kids will learn that they should always tell the truth and be honest.

  • The importance of prayer and reading the Word of God every day

  • About Who the Holy Spirit is and how they can live victoriously!

  • How to deal with bullying

  • Salvation through Jesus Christ

  • How to share Jesus with others.

Visit www.dexdavisuniversity.com for the Dex Davis "Volume 1" Homeschool Curriculum Videos Series. It's perfect for sharing materials with your volunteers and leaders as well as streaming videos and teaching from your computer, tablet, or mobile device! 

Have Questions or Need Help?

We value your feedback and comments so if you have questions or need help, email us here.

  • 1 Week = 1 Lesson + 2 Activity Sheets for each age group (4-6 and 7-11)

  • Each lesson is based on a video segment from the "Dex Davis 1" episode!

Contains 6 Weeks of Lessons!

  • 1 - DVD containing the 30-minute fully-animated "The Cover Up!" episode of the "Dex Davis" Christian animated series.


       6 weeks (6 lessons) of printed children's bible lessons based on    

       6 video segments from the 'Dex Davis 1' episode. Each lesson contains a    

       "Teacher's Guide" for each of two (2) age groups (4-6 yrs. & 7-11 yrs.)


  • 12 - Twelve printed "Activity Worksheets" with puzzles, word searches, memory scripture verses, coloring pages, mazes, fill-ins and discussion questions. Each lesson has 2 worksheets for each age group (4-6 yrs. and 7-11 yrs.)


  • Access to watch the episode videos and download the lessons on the  

        www.dexdavis.com website.

D1 - 3D DVD Case with Sheets Dex Davis Curriculum 1 Logo

DVD + Booklet + Access to watch the cartoon videos on this website.


PLUS Shipping

BUY THIS BUY ONLINE ACCESS ONLY! Digital Curriculum Image_D1

* This link will take you to our "Dex Davis University.com" website to access "Volume 1" of the "Dex Davis Homeschool Curriculum Series".