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"Dex Davis is more than just a cartoon...it's a movement!"

We’re glad that Dex Davis: Child of God! is a part of your family’s online experience. We’ve also made it accessible to parents We want to you to use the Dex Davis Christian Animated Series as a resource to help encourage and support you as you look for ways to grow your children in their faith and teach them important values from the Bible. It is our hope that the resources provided here will help you take the message of our shows and expand them into moments of teaching, discussion and play where the whole family can participate.


Our sincere purpose is to be a blessing to children and to help teach them the Word of God through the tools that God has given to us. Our mission is to use the powerful media tools of television and animation to lift up the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and to proclaim the Word of God to make a powerful, permanent, life-changing impact on millions of children and families of all races around the world.


”You’re now officially part of the “Dex Davis Movement” so start a big buzz and spread the word to everyone in your city. Send out messages on Facebook, Twitter and every other social network that you’re part of. Tell everyone how “Dex Davis” is touching you and your family’s lives. Word of mouth is the most powerful form of marketing so let’s do it for Jesus!


Every concerned Parent, Grandparent, Children’s Church leader, and adult needs to know about what God has available for their kids at DexDavis.com!  So grab your bibles, get your popcorn, buckle your seat belt and get ready for a ground-breakin’ history makin’ move of God!

Who Is Dex Davis?

Watch the video to find out who Dex is...

and where he came from.

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