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The "Trinity Pack!" 3-DVD Set


Now you can get ALL three award-winning, ground-breaking, power-packed episodes! Dex is NOT a Wizard, he’s NOT an Alien and he's NOT a 200-year old Kung Fu master. He’s saved, sanctified and filled with the Holy Ghost! Dex Davis is just a regular 11-year old kid that lives in a regular neighborhood just like all of us. There’s one thing that makes him special...Dex Davis is a born-again Christian! He’s saved, he’s sanctified, and he’s filled with the Holy Ghost!

C’mon and grab your bibles, get your popcorn and get ready for ALL three (3) ground breakin’, history-makin’ episodes of “Dex Davis: Child of God!” "Ooohhhhh...that's Dex Davis!"

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