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Rosko's Revenge

Dex is about to mess with the WRONG dog!

Super-Size Whoopin'

Kisha is hoopin' and hollerin'...AGAIN.

Mr. Slater, The 5th Grader Hater

Uh oh...it's the craziest teacher in the whole city!

Introducing...The Funkel Sistuhs!

Pray for them...they really can't sing!

Watch this clip from "The Making of Dex Davis" and see how God taught the Dex Davis team how to do everything.  If He

did it for us, He can do it for you too...Just believe it!

God Taught Us Everything!

Watch clips of The Dex Davis Child of God - Christian Animated Series. You've NEVER seen faith based, christian cartoons like this before.

"Dex Davis Episode 2" Teaser Trailer!

Check out this off-the-hook teaser trailer for D2!