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Get your NEW "Q7"sneakers from Episode 4

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"I'm A Child of God" Hoodie

Black - Adult (Unisex)

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"I'm A Child of God"

Youth T-shirt

Light colors (Unisex)

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The "Dex Davis" Bible Study Curriculum

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The Dex Davis Kids' Bible Study Curriculum will teach the Word of God to children in a whole new, power-packed way! In these bible lessons for kids, you can teach kids (Ages 4 thru 12) the Word of God at home, at Sunday School, at your church, or wherever you go. Its perfect for Vacation Bible School (VBS) and as extra, supplemental sunday school lessons for children.


It's NOT designed to replace your existing children's curriculum...but to be a great addition to what you're already using. Try it and see for yourself!

D4_Digital Curriculum TV Image_1.png

"The Dex curriculum is very easy to use, and it really keeps the kids engaged and excited. It's awesome!"

- Lashonda Johnson,

Children's Ministry Director - Atherton Baptist Church (Los Angeles)

* Clicking the button will take you off of this website to our Dex Davis University website.

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Meet The Kids!

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