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The cartoon that changes kids, so they can change the world!

We’re glad that Dex Davis: Child of God! is a part of your whole family’s experience. We’ve also made it accessible to parents We want to you to use Dex Davis to help encourage and support you as you look for ways to grow your children in their faith and teach them important values from the Bible. It's our hope that we'll help you take the message of our shows and turn them into moments of teaching, discussion and play where the whole family can participate. 

"Our sincere purpose is to be a blessing to children and to help teach them the Word of God using the tools that God has given to us."

Our mission is to use the powerful media tools of television and animation to lift up the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and to proclaim the Word of God to make a powerful, permanent, life-changing impact on millions of children and families of all races around the world.

About The Co-creator:
Horace Christian, Jr.

I call myself the Co-creator because there’s only

One Creator, and His name is Jesus Christ. I’m just a servant that the Lord uses to push the buttons, draw the pictures and get His work done”.

Born and raised in White Plains, New York, Horace Christian, Jr. is the Co-Creator and Producer of the award-winning gospel animated series “Dex Davis: Child of God!”. In 2006, Horace began to realize that there was a lot of ungodly animated media content being aimed at young children. To provide healthy alternative animated content for children, God challenged him to Co-create, write, and animate a brand new, original gospel animated series called “Dex Davis: Child of God!”...with NO previous experience as an animator. God literally taught Horace how to animate, write and edit the series. Since then, the “Dex Davis” series has won multiple film festival awards, has aired globally on Trinity Broadcasting Network’s (TBN) “Smile of a Child” children’s cable television network and is now streaming on Amazon Prime, YouTube, and KweliTV. 



Horace is currently the Executive Assistant to the Senior Pastor at Rise Church


in Abilene, Texas.

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